Painfully beautiful

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, so glorious that is aching? Just a thought.

P.S: I know, there’s many things I should be writing about a thousand times more interesting. But there’s issues about that, so this’ll have to do.

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10 respuestas a Painfully beautiful

  1. Rapunzell dijo:

    Para que luego digan que yo soy críptica 🙂

  2. Imperator dijo:

    Yes, several times. Lucky me.

    Anyway, I have found that you tend to write in English when you are in a crisis, or with the emo switch ‘ON’. So what was that?

  3. Ibn Sina dijo:

    Is everything all right?

  4. athair dijo:

    It is, really. No emo or crisis at all, more or less the contrary 🙂 But thanks for the concern

  5. Earendil dijo:

    Nice to hear that.
    Even if there is something wrong, remember there is no one hundred years long pain, neither body able to resist it 😉

    Hugs “withfather”

  6. Gorpik dijo:

    Joder, dos meses de espera, pero ha valido la pena.

    Alguien tenía que decirlo, ¿no?

  7. Imperator dijo:

    Ese inglés del Marino es tan… tan…

  8. Ibn Sina dijo:

    ¿Idiosincrático, tal vez? ¿Auténtico? ¿Pintoresco?

  9. Imperator dijo:

    Auténtico. Esa es la puta palabra que buscaba.


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